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Great Road Gallery is pleased to offer complete professional restoration services.

From cleaning an oil painting to replacing frame ornamentation,

our expertise will bring your treasures back to life.

Since 1989, our seasoned restoration staff, experienced in

methods, have dealt with artworks of all types.

Our approach is primarily to maintain the integrity of the artwork.

We attempt to restore the work, as much as possible, to the artist's original intent, balanced with the clients personal needs.

We strive at all times to work with the techniques and materials that meet the standards of museum conservation and reversibility. Our suggestions and recommendations are based on only the restoration we feel is important to the aesthetic appeal of the piece and to prevent further physical deterioration.

Photo Restoration Services:

• Always produces a new, restored photo and leaves the original unchanged
• Repairing cracks, stains and damage in photos.
• Adding or removing a person, object or background in photos
• Color balancing and restoring
• Image enhancement

Fine Art and Frame
Restoration Services:

• Cleaning and reconditioning oil paintings
• Repaining tears or cuts in oils,photographs and documents
• Restretching canvas
• Repairing cracked or chipped paint on oils
• Repairing, cleaning and refinishing frames

Restoration Services